Safety Certificate Contractors (SCC)
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When large companies award contracts to external companies (contractors), subcontractors or personnel service providers, for projects and/or industrial parks, the safety competence of the contractor is one aspect for the award of the contract. Clients who themselves meet the standards for safety, health and environmental protection (SHE) consciously pay attention to compliance with certain safety and environmental protection measures and also expect their contractors and personnel service providers to have the appropriate qualifications. In any company, not only in safety-critical areas such as power plants, refineries or the mineral oil processing industry, the use of external personnel always involves the risk that potential hazards may not be recognized at all or may be recognized too late. 

The SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) certification system was originally developed specifically for subcontractors in the chemical and mineral oil processing industries. It serves to prevent hazards by communicating relevant occupational safety, health and environmental protection aspects (SHE). In the meantime, SCC has become one of the best-known regulations in occupational health and safety, integrating occupational health and safety into the health and environmental protection concept.





Based on the statements made, certification of employees in accordance with the SCC standard is an absolute necessity for external companies (contractors), subcontractors and personnel service providers.

We offer in this area 

  • Training for certification for managers according to the SCC regulations 017 
  • Training for operational employees according to the SCC regulations 018

Note: The detailed contents of a training course can always be found at the corresponding course date.

Testing is carried out by an accredited certification body for personnel in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17024 following the respective training course. 

Our training courses provide operationally active employees and managers with the basic aspects of the SCC safety standard:

  • Basic knowledge of the legal regulations in the field of occupational health and safety
  • Recognition of hazards and sources of danger
  • Analysis of the most frequent causes of accidents
  • Safety-oriented behavior to avoid accidents

This training not only makes an important contribution to the safe and trouble-free operation of your company. The training of your personnel also documents your quality, increases your chances of winning contracts with new customers and supports you in long-term customer retention.

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