SHE-Solution training portal

Booking and registration information

The SHE-Solution training portal offers registered users the possibility to book training courses online.
By e-mail you will receive the registration data in case of a registration and a corresponding booking confirmation (course ticket) in case of a course booking. Please note the two registration options listed below and the instructions for booking a group of course participants.

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Registration without course booking

To register without making a direct course booking, please use the registration form below. You will then receive an email confirming the registration and the data.

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Register with the first booking

Alternatively, you can register when you first book a training course. To do this, simply select the course you wish to attend and click on the "PERSON" button. A form will open

  • to enter your access data if you are already registered or
  • to register on the training portal with your first booking.

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Booking groups to attend courses

By a "course group" we mean the registration of more than one person in one of the courses. To do this directly online, you must be registered on this training portal. All registration data of the "group booking" will be sent only to the user (registrant) who performs the booking after the booking is completed. The participants (group members) registered by the applicant are to be informed by the applicant about all further details.