Course certificates

Authenticity and validity of a training certificate

With the launch of the SHE-Solution training portal, we have introduced new course certificates for attending our training courses. For you, these certificates mean a real simplification: you can now check at any time and any place whether your certificate is genuine and still valid.

Especially towards third parties, our procedure allows you to easily prove that you have successfully completed a required training course and that you have the required qualification.

Of course, you will receive a corresponding course certificate from us after the successful completion of a course. However, with our certificates and procedure you also have the possibility to check and show the validity online.

After clicking on the button below, enter either

  • the code number of the training certificate,
  • your WINDA ID or
  • your personnel number

in the corresponding search field and start the search.

If the certificate is found, the training course and the end of validity of the training certificate (the course certificate) will be displayed. If you need the certificate again, e.g. in case of loss, send us an e-mail with the data displayed here. If you cannot find a certificate, please note that we only update the database once or twice a month.