Certification validation

Authenticity and validity of a training certificate

With this training portal, we have simultaneously introduced new course certificates for attending our training courses. For you, these certificates mean a real simplification: you can now check at any time and any place whether your certificate is genuine and still valid.

Especially vis-à-vis third parties, our procedure allows you to easily prove that you have successfully completed a required training course and that you have the required qualification.

With our procedure, it is not necessary to take the certificates with you in paper form. Of course, our procedure does not prevent you from printing out your certificate or making copies, but it is not mandatory. 

The verification of the authenticity and validity of a certificate is done with the ID code and the QR code of the certificate. You will find the ID code at the top left and the QR code at the bottom left of the certificate.

For the verification, you only need a free QR code reader as an app on your smartphone or tablet. With the QR code reader, simply scan the QR code of the certificate. Without a QR code reader, simply click on the button below.

Then enter the ID code of the certificate.

Test result:

The relevant data of the certificate are displayed.

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