1.1        Participants in training courses must provide proof of Covid vaccination. The Control of vaccination is done via the CovPass app.

       1.2        In addition to being vaccinated, each participant will be given a vaccination before entering the premises are subjected to a shell test. Participants also have the 

option to present a rapid test proof (not older than 24 hours).

       1.3        On the entire company premises, a safety distance of 1.5m must be - 2.0m must be observed; this also applies to smoking and lounge areas.

       1.4        If you feel unwell or have flu-like symptoms, you are not permitted to attend training.

       1.5        Provide in the receiving/training area of:

        • Hand disinfectant
        • Disposable gloves
        • Mouthguard

       1.6        Provision of paper towels in the sanitary area.

       1.7        Warning notices are posted in the entrance area.

       1.8        In case of non-compliance with the rules, the instructor may exclude a participant from the training.